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Office E-mail:

Asoc.Pro-Vivienda Santa Ana F-17 Cusco–Perú
South - America
Phone/fax + 51-84-233677
Cell Phone + 51-84-984620706




Have you ever wanted to travel on your own private Adventure or Cultural trip with your family, friends, work colleagues, club or organization? We have a team of very friendly and highly experienced people dedicated to making this dream come true.

Have you ever wanted to combine your travel experience with your hobby or passion for a particular interest? Tell us your idea and we’ll bring your trip to life! We can create a trip based around your idea.

The Private Groups team have organized itineraries for sporting & Fitness clubs, culinary groups, universities & schools, Charities, birdwatchers, photographers, corporate organizations, hiking groups and even groups of friends and family looking for a private adventure or Cultural trips. Whoever you are, whatever you require, let us know your needs and simply leave the rest to us.

Would you like to bring text books to life and provide to school or university students with the opportunity to step outside of the classroom and experience eye-opening cultural interaction in Peruvian Andean Communities Our educational adventures Team offer an innovative and safe educational travel experience, focusing on interaction with the local communities. Our Adventures are also journeys of self discovery that allow anyone.

Our Private Group team can prepare complex and unique itineraries for your chosen destination, or provide advice to meet your needs and ideas into reality.

If you have a specific budget, a particular activity in mind, a special event to attend, or a specific destination to explore we can tailor the itinerary to meet your needs.

  • Special Interest Adventures.
  • Educational Adventures.
  • Charity Challenges.
  • Trout Fishing.
  • Summit Climbing.
  • Spiritual Ceremony.
  • Coca leaves reader (fortune teller)
  • Andean Weaving Demonstration.

GROUP ZISE: On your own, you decided the size of the group.

DEAPARTURE DATE: Choose your own departure date.

TOUR LEADER AND GUIDE: Experienced English speaking tour leader and guide accompanies during all trip.

ACCOMMODATION: Choose the style to suit your needs. We can match the style of accommodation to your budget or requirements.

TRANSPORTATION: Depending on the itinerary, it may include walking, private vehicle, public bus, cycling, plane, boat, train. Tell to our team about your preferred mode of transport.

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Welcome to PERU, Land of the Andes. Peru is a country containing the complicate topography well know us Coast (costa), Mountains (sierra), Jungle (selva) High plateau (altiplano) with youngest and highest mountain where you will find our majestic mountains, ancient traditions and exquisite temples, thundering rivers and lush tropical and semi tropical jungles full of wildlife. You will find the friendliest people you have ever met. We are Andean People. We were born and Grow up in the Peruvian Andes which lies on the southern slopes of this Great South American mountain range.

THIN AIR OUTFITTERS E.I.R.Ltda. Expedition Sales and Consultant is an agency based in Cusco – Peru – South America. A complete enchantment holiday makers. We are experts in providing the utmost in comfort and pleasure comes from year of experience serving guests from around the world. Our reputation is based on our valued customers who consistently recommend us for the memories of a lifetime.

Lic. Rene Huaman Callañaupa , Managing Director.

With more than 25 years experience in leading a select groups of Cultural or traditional tour through Peru, treks and expeditions through Peru, Chile, Bolivia and Ecuador. TAO can take you across the Andes as few guides are able to on your climb through the Andes. Ranging from low-level treks and tours to the more demanding adventures in the most remote areas, you are in good hands with Thin Air Outfitters team whose assures that you make the most of your holiday time.

Inca Trail to Machupicchu 4 days / 3 nights

TAO takes you to the most famous and popular hiking in the Andes, the Inca Trail to Machupicchu is almost as famous as the ruins themselves, and the trek is rightly viewed as an attraction in itself rather than merely a mean of getting to ma chupicchu under your own power.The Inca empire had an extensive network of roads running the all Incan Empire territory. View Itinerary >>>

Backpacking Inca Trail 4Days /3Nights

Transfer from your hotel to the trailhead at KLM. 82. (PISQACCUCHO) by private bus to meet the Quechua porters whose transport our camp gear, we just walk carrying light packs. Hike along the vilcanota river with a panoramic view of Veronica Mountain 5,900 m. (19,000 ft.). Explore Llacta Pata Incan city and continue to the CAMPSITE HUAYLLABAMBA village 3,000 m. (9,850 ft.). View Itinerary >>>

Short inca trail to Machupicchu 2 days / 1 nights

The one day hike from km. 104 or well know as chachabamba right to Machu Picchu is an excellent alternative instead to the full Inca Trail trek for those who don’t have enough time to make the 4 day trek or those who don’t like to camp, this is a beautiful moderate hike with a nice view of Vilcanota river and Urubamba valley with a spectacular setting of lush jungle vegetation and rugged mountainous landscapes. Chachabamba the starting point at the Vilcanota river footbridge we are hiking more or less 6 miles around 10 km. Approximately between 6 or 7 hour with several stops for photography and lunch. Following a night in a hotel of your choice (additional charge). View Itinerary >>>






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