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» Half Day Tours In Cusco



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The Cusco city itself is one of Peru's greatest treasures. Seat of the ancient Inca Empire, Cusco is home to many of the countries, most splendid examples of pre-colonial art and architecture. And many of its buildings rest upon Incan foundations. The area is also rich in Peru's vibrant living heritage: the culture of the Quechua people, many of whom maintain essentially the same way of life they have known for thousands of year, where are located the most important tourist attractions, Cusco is mysterious, magic, world of the Incas.

LOCATION:   South-America, Cusco - Perú.
  HALF DAY (2:00pm. To 6:00pm.)
  Every Day at 2pm. Group Service
  Tourist Bus or Van
  ON REQUEST (Full service as the program
  All Year, As you request.
  Archaeology, Nature, Cultural.


We pick you up in your hotel at 1:045 pm. We start to explore the Cusco city and the four archeological sites, located near the city, the tour will be in a tourist bus, you will see the legacy of the Inca throughout the city some buildings still rest upon ancient Incan foundations. We will explore the magnificent Sun Temple of Qoricancha, the cathedral a colonial monument on the main plaza. After to explore the city we will go to the north side of Cusco city and we will visit:


It was the main Inca temple in Cusco City, the Temple of Inti (the supreme god-the sun), it is a masterpiece of the Inca Architecture, built in blocks of carved granite and perfect fit the junctures of the blocks. Out side of the temple was located the royal garden in which the trees, birds, animals, etc. were represented in gold and silver which one was the offering place of the temple.


The first Cusco Cathedral was built in 1539 at the Suntur Wasi, current Iglesia Del Triunfo, but in 1560 there was an order to build a new cathedral on the Kiswar Kancha palace of Inca Wiracocha. The actual Cathedral was declared built in 1664, more than a century after. The design is a Latin-cross shape, the façade has a Renaissance style, very ornamental, and it contains the best manifestations of colonial goldsmith and wood carving, as well as a valuable collection of canvases from the Escuela Cusqueña (Academy of Cusco). There are two auxiliary chapels on its both sides: Capilla Del Triunfo and Jesus, Maria y Jose. The building process had two stages. First, they constructed the Capilla Del Triunfo over the old Suntur Wasi (House of God) temple. After wards, they erect the cathedral over the Palace of Inca Wiracocha. The Renaissance style is predominant in the facade and the inside the building, the inner decoration is rich in cedar and alder carvings. The choir and the pulpit stand out due to their beauty. It keeps an important collection of the Academy of Cusco and silver objects.

SACSAYHUAMAN (Means in Quechua language satisfied hawk)

Located near Cusco with 3,000 hectares approximately, believed by most to have been a fortress, although it may have been a sacred sanctuary to the sun. Overlooking the city of Cusco, Sacsayhuaman is a testament to the skill of the Incan builders; it is constructed of huge stones, some weighing nearly 150 tons each.

TAMBOMACHAY (temple of the water or fertility)

The Temple of the Sacred Water, A marvel of hydraulic engineering and impressive, the waters still flow today.

QENQO (Means in Quechua language ZIG - ZAG)

The Temple of the Sacred Water, A marvel of hydraulic engineering and impressive, the waters still flow today.

PUCA PUCARA (Means in Quechua language red fortress)

It has nice view of the surrounding countryside, this might have been storage facility or lodge or perhaps a guard post on the Inca Trail to Antisuyo one of the Inca region.


  • Transportation: Tourist Bus or Van.
  • Professional Tour Guide (English or Spanish)
  • Group tour service, City Tour.
  • Entrance Fee (Qoricancha, Catedral, BTC.)



  • Meals, Snacks, Drinks.
  • Tips for guides, drivers.


  • - Perhaps shopping stop.


  • Participants have to bring warm jackets.
  • Better to wear tennis shoes or similar.
  • Wind breakers good idea.
  • Rain jacket or umbrella.


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